Sunday, May 24, 2015


I am the owner of Lowery's Loft LLC and this is another adventure in a quest to work from home.  I am going to feature items geared for plus size women.  Everyone else can shop here too but please note there is an emphasis on the "big girl" because I am one.  Living near the beach is wonderful but it does make me self conscious at times so I want to make this a "safe" place for larger women to comment and shop.  Any inappropriate comments will be deleted in the comment section.

I have never been "skinny" so to speak.  I have grown some since I've become a mom and realize that I want to be healthy for my child.  In the meantime, I still want to look good.

Aside from swimsuits this site will include beachy items as well (e.g. towels, sunglasses, and so on and so forth).

On this site, I am selling through an affiliate program Amazon Associates so the items will link up to the Amazon website.  If you make a purchase through Amazon, I receive a small commission since you found your items here.

I appreciate any comments or questions.

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