Monday, May 25, 2015

Plus Size Swimwear - Cover Up

Until the perfect swimsuit is designed for me, I will always feel more comfortable with a cover up at the beach.  They also help protect you from the sun's rays.  Here are my top five favorite cover up options.  My child's favorite is the striped option but if I had to pick one for myself I would probably go for the black short sleeve option.  Which one do you like best?

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Sounds of Summer - Beach Boys - Perfect Beach Music

No matter what size you are, you have to love good music.  Who doesn't love the Beach Boys?  They are the perfect sound of summer.  Speaking of the sound of summer, check out their album Sounds of Summer.  It has thirty of their best songs on it.

Why the Beach Boys?  Well, someone I know mentioned they just went to their concert and that triggered a flood of memories.  My dearest Dad loved the Beach Boys!  His favorite song was Kokomo.  Growing up, I heard tons of Beach Boy songs on K-EARTH 101 (a radio station in Southern California), while my Dad remodeled the house.   We also heard it when we drove to the beach in Newport and Balboa.

Although I now live in Florida, near Pensacola Beach with the Emerald Coast, I still love the memories that the Beach Boy songs evoke.  Plus size or not, having good tunes during the summer is a must!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plus Size Swimsuits - Big Girl Style

Please let me know what type of swimsuit works best for you. I have always found that I feel most comfortable in a tankini and swim bottoms with a skirt. I used to like the one pieces with the skirt but have since changed my mind.

There are some one pieces without a skirt on here but they were just too cute not to include.  You can always purchase a skirt cover up or swim skirt to wear over these particular one pieces.

I just wish that there was a swimsuit somewhere that had bottoms that were like bike shorts but shorter.  I don't like my thighs being exposed.  When I wear swim shorts, they are fine until you go into the water and then they turn into balloons.  Have you found any swim shorts that are snug around the thigh?  


I am the owner of Lowery's Loft LLC and this is another adventure in a quest to work from home.  I am going to feature items geared for plus size women.  Everyone else can shop here too but please note there is an emphasis on the "big girl" because I am one.  Living near the beach is wonderful but it does make me self conscious at times so I want to make this a "safe" place for larger women to comment and shop.  Any inappropriate comments will be deleted in the comment section.

I have never been "skinny" so to speak.  I have grown some since I've become a mom and realize that I want to be healthy for my child.  In the meantime, I still want to look good.

Aside from swimsuits this site will include beachy items as well (e.g. towels, sunglasses, and so on and so forth).

On this site, I am selling through an affiliate program Amazon Associates so the items will link up to the Amazon website.  If you make a purchase through Amazon, I receive a small commission since you found your items here.

I appreciate any comments or questions.