Monday, May 25, 2015

Sounds of Summer - Beach Boys - Perfect Beach Music

No matter what size you are, you have to love good music.  Who doesn't love the Beach Boys?  They are the perfect sound of summer.  Speaking of the sound of summer, check out their album Sounds of Summer.  It has thirty of their best songs on it.

Why the Beach Boys?  Well, someone I know mentioned they just went to their concert and that triggered a flood of memories.  My dearest Dad loved the Beach Boys!  His favorite song was Kokomo.  Growing up, I heard tons of Beach Boy songs on K-EARTH 101 (a radio station in Southern California), while my Dad remodeled the house.   We also heard it when we drove to the beach in Newport and Balboa.

Although I now live in Florida, near Pensacola Beach with the Emerald Coast, I still love the memories that the Beach Boy songs evoke.  Plus size or not, having good tunes during the summer is a must!

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